A Great Week

I just had a pretty good week. I feel like, as a class, we’ve got to the lovely point where we have a feeling of community. Students are helping me, they’re helping each other, we’re still talking over each other sometimes and pushing each other’s buttons but we’re also laughing with each other and learning for the most part. I still have a few that I haven’t quite made that strong connection with. There are still a few that fight me, on writing especially, but we’re getting there.

I had this realization that things were going well yesterday though because of a few things. One was that on Wednesday we had some icy weather so the buses were delayed for two hours which was annoying but I managed to grab the iPads and the students who came played math games against each other or went and practiced for the Hour of Code that we’re doing next week (more on that in another post) and a few others helped me do some cleaning and organizing which lead to me changing the room around a little to give us a little more space.

Then Thursday was a regular day. Thursday is my toughest day because I have no prep periods and I have drama right after school so it can be tough. I was very tired when I left school at 5:30 but I thought about how other teachers were complaining about how crazy their classes had been that day and mine were pretty good. And then Friday again we had a 2 hour bus delay which was frustrating but even so, we got learning accomplished and ended the week well.

I know last year I talked about how I had this amazing perfect class that loved to learn and was just oh so very good. This year I don’t have that same class. There are more challenges and, well, 8 more kids, but even so, I feel like things are going well and I’m happy to say that I’m relatively happy to get up and go to work in the morning, which is a big deal for me because contrary to what some people may think, I am NOT a morning person and would love to stay in bed until 8 and then have tea and breakfast before going to work if I could, especially in the dark winter months when I’m going to work before the sun rises and leaving after it sets. But I’m still happy to go. I’m not dragging myself out of bed as much because I’m happy to see my students. I don’t feel annoyed when they pop in before school or stick around for a few minutes for a quick chat at recess.

We have two more weeks before our holiday break. There’s still lots to do and still lots I wish we had already done, but it was a great week and I’m looking forward to two more.


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