3 weeks?

It’s hard to believe that Christmas break is coming up so soon! It feels like I just started teaching this class and yet I’ve been their teacher for 2 months already. I spent a long time at school on Wednesday trying to get a few things sorted and cleaned up a little and put a little extra reminder to a few of my students to help in the whole organizing process and it was nice to have a few around at recess to help sort the art work into folders and sharpen pencils. I need to put labels on a few of the baskets I’ve put around for various things so that students don’t have to continuously ask me where to put things (in theory) but I’m glad I’ve got a few more things sorted away.

We’ve been trying out this problem of the week idea that I had, though we’ve been working on the same problem for two weeks now and hopefully we’ll be able to discuss it tomorrow. The “problem” I put to them last week was about a class pet. When I first started teaching this class that was something they asked about and I said I would consider it, and I have and it’s something I’ve wanted to try out. I’m leaning (and the kids are leaning) towards a reptile of some kind because they seem to be easier to keep without having to bring them home over the weekend. There’s a lot to do to set up a habitat though so I wanted my students to do the research about what all would be involved, what it would cost to start and for upkeep.

Last week, their efforts were less than stellar but there was a lot else going on. This week I managed to impart on them that if they weren’t willing to do the research, I wasn’t sure that we could get a pet. And now I’m starting to see their efforts. I have a few writing out information on paper and posting it on our problem of the week board, and others posting on our class edmodo site.

Over the next three weeks leading up to the break, I know that there are going to be a lot of interruptions for practice for the concert and for assemblies and things. I’m hopeful that we’ll have three good weeks though.


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