Light at the end of the tunnel

Yesterday I needed to write a 150 word piece for a French class that I’m taking so I didn’t write a blog post. I’m starting to see the end of all the extra work that report cards bring. My students took their reports home today so I can’t change them any more. I changed another one this morning. Parent teacher interviews start tomorrow and go until Friday and then it’s back to our regularly scheduled teaching which will be nice. I’m treating myself to a supper at the mall followed by a movie with a few friends tonight and even though I feel like  should stay until my desk is cleaned and everything is put away, I’m leaving school at 5 tonight which feels early. Speaking of, the cutest thing yesterday, one of my students was here late for an art class after school and he saw I was still here. He told me he’d noticed how early it was getting dark and that he was worried about me staying here until after the sun went down because the moon doesn’t give a lot of light. So sweet.


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