Running from zombies – but actually

Tomorrow I get to run from zombies, but not with my app. And no, I’m not talking about my students after lunch either. This is a 5k race through the woods at a park near my house where you run while being chased by people dressed up like zombies. It’s an annual fundraiser put on by the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre called The Running Dead Zombie Fun Run.  I’m running with a team called (vaguely) AHHHHHHH!!!!1!!1!!! or something of that nature. I haven’t been running much, other than running to the photocopier or running to pick up my kids from gym, it’s been two weeks since my last race and I have a cough, but luckily the zombies are shamblers so it won’t be too hard to out-pace them, but the stealth part of getting around them may be hard. The idea is that you start off with three flags and if the zombies get all three then you are “dead”.

I’m mostly looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be unseasonably mild tomorrow, high of 12 degrees, so that’s great. I haven’t figured out a costume to wear. I still want to be able to actually run so I don’t want anything too bulky but it’s more fun to get into the spirit of the run. The problem is that the event starts at 10am and I thought that meant that the run was starting at 10 am so I bought a ticket to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet at 12:55 thinking I’d have plenty of time. Turns out that registration starts at 10 but the race doesn’t start until 12 so I’m going to be a little hard pressed to get from one event to the other but I’ve paid for both and am excited about both. I just hope that rushing from one to the next won’t ruin my enjoyment of both events.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a good blog post about how the events went, but now I should get some report card work done.


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