Running from Zombies!

I’m not into zombies, I’ll tell you that right off. I can only think of maybe one zombie move that I’ve watched that wasn’t a spoof. I managed to get through the first season of The Walking Dead and admitted that it was pretty good, but more because it was about people dealing with a difficult situation, rather than the zombies.


That being said, last year some of my friends were trying to start running and they downloaded an app called Zombies, Run and said it was really cool. So I grudgingly downloaded it to try it out as well because I wanted something to help motivate me to get running. My parents run and I used to kind of enjoy running when I was younger except when it hurt my knees and I felt like it would be a good exercise for me. Other than shoes (and apps) it doesn’t cost any money and it can be done on your schedule and I can do it on my own.

The main app for Zombies, Run is kind of like a radio drama that you listen to while you run. You are a character, Runner 5, in the story who mysteriously shows up at a place called Able Township, sometime after a zombie apocalypse. Your job as a runner is to go outside the walls to get supplies and do little missions and not get eaten by zombies. The app tracks how far you run, maps where you are, but what you do and where you go does not change the story. This I like because there are times, say when I have to cross a busy road, when I have to stop, sometimes at inopportune moments when I’m being “chased by zombies” so I’m glad that I don’t get “eaten” just because I’m waiting for the light to change.

There are several seasons with I think about 20 episodes in each season to listen to. I finished season 1 last summer and I loved it. It’s kind of like listening to a good audio book except that you feel like you’re really involved with the people in the story because they’re talking to you. At one point (no spoilers) I actually had a hard time to keep from crying when there was a touching moment.

While listening to Zombies, Run, you’re pretty much free to run or walk as much as you want. Sometimes you’re told you need to run because you’re being chased by zombies, but as I said, it doesn’t track this. It also plays music from your play-list between bits of the story. Last summer I got myself up to the point where I would run one song, walk one song, but I had a hard time getting beyond this. So now that the snow is gone and the sidewalks are clear (yes, this only happened two weeks ago here) I want to get back into running but I want to be able to actually run for long periods of time, not just run and walk. So I found the Zombies, Run 5k training app and tried it out.

This app takes you very gradually from mostly walking to running 5k in 8 weeks, or at least that’s the idea. It starts off VERY gradually. The first week of drills are 10 minutes of walking followed by 15 seconds of running, 1 minute walking drills ten times and then a 10 minute free run/walk at the end. Each week has three training drills that are the same with different story stuff added in. Week two is much the same but with 30 second runs and some heel lifts. Tomorrow I get to start week three which starts off with a 5 minute walk then a 5 minute run and then goes into 1 minute walk, 1 minute run drills and some free run/walk time. I’m a bit worried about the jump to 5 minutes of running but I’ve been trying to run more in the free form stuff at the end of the drills to build up my stamina.

With only three drills a week, I’ve been trying to do some other sort of exercise on my “days off”, either getting on the exercise bike, going for a long walk, doing some yoga, anything really to help me reach this goal of being able to run 5k by the end of the school year. HabitRPG has been helping with that. I created a challenge on their to help me keep track and reward good exercising.

Does anyone else use Zombies, Run or other good apps to help keep you motivated? Also, I’m looking for suggestions for some good songs to add into my mix rather than listening to the same ones over and over. Any suggestions?


One thought on “Running from Zombies!

  1. IfByYes says:

    This sounds awesome.

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