We have the power!

For those of you reading from outside of the Maritimes, New Brunswick got hit with a post-hurricane named Arthur, first big storm of the season. We were expecting rain on Friday night and some of Saturday, instead we had nothing on Friday and a huge wind storm with some rain all day Saturday.

We lost power on Saturday at around 8am. This is very strange because we never lose power at our house, in fact, other than planned outages, we have never lost power for more than a few hours and even that is very rare.

I was supposed to have my birthday party (happy birthday to me, love Arthur) on Saturday night but we still had no power, the wind was going just as strong as ever and all of the grocery stores and pretty much everywhere was closed. So we postponed the party, expecting to probably have power the next day.

In 2003 I was living with my parents in Lower Sackville, just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. I had just finished my undergrad degree and was planning to move to Scotland when we got hit by Hurricane Juan. That was a crazy night. The wind was so strong that it shook our house and in the morning there were so many trees down it was crazy. We lost power for four days.

This was like Hurricane Juan but a bit different. The wind wasn’t as strong but it lasted a whole lot longer. While we were without power for four days in both cases, there were more grocery stores and restaurants open close to us for Arthur, or so it seemed anyway. In both cases, there were huge long line-ups for Tims. People need their coffee.

We were very lucky to have friends who got their power back before we did, friends who let us watch their TVs, charge our phones, take a hot shower, enjoy their AC and just relax in a place where we could still hear the hum of the fridge. It didn’t feel as much like roughing it as Juan did because of this. We ate out a lot, played a few rounds of Carrcassone by candlelight, ate bbqed food did some cleaning. Our hot water lasted for four showers and cleaning out the fridge which was great.

Our power is finally back on, though I know it’s still off for many people. I hope they get to hear the hum of their fridges again soon.


One thought on “We have the power!

  1. IfByYes says:

    Glad to here you got power back quickly. It’s a weird time of year for a hurricane.

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