Preparing them for Middle School

It’s hard to believe, but there are only 2 and a half months left of school for this school year. Already we are getting ready for transition meetings, for people from the middle school to come and talk to our grade 5 classes and for our tour of the middle school. One of the joys and the difficulties of teaching grade 5 is that it is such a big transition year. For some students, this will be their first experience changing schools. Some of my students have been in the same school right from Kindergarten all the way up to now. They’re so used to how things work here. It will be a big change for them in some ways.

I’m hopeful that I’ve helped them to learn some of the skills they will need for next year. I’ve put a big push on them for independence and taking responsibility for their own class work. Some of them have taken to that independence better than others, but I believe that they have all grown in these areas this year.

We just had parent teacher interviews and a few parents mentioned how worried they are about their child starting middle school. They all have different reasons of course but I think that mostly it’s the change that worries them and worries my students and worries me to some extent. I know that they’ll be fine and they’ll cope and they’ll make new friends and keep in touch with the important friends.

With only two and a half months left to go it’s easy to get wrapped up in the pressure of getting everything done as quickly as possible without pause for breath or reflection. Now that report cards and interviews are done, I feel the need to slow down again, do more review, make sure my students are where they need to be and look to where they need to go next.

How do you find your teaching changes at this time of the year?

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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