Year Long Personal Learning Project

It’s been a while since my last post. Things have been going very well at my new school. I adore my new class and the staff are amazing as well.

I want to do a year long personal learning project with my students. I’ve read a little about them and the idea sounds very appealing to me. I thought about it the other day, in the shower of course, where all good ideas come from, because I have a student who was saying he didn’t want to do something because it was hard. We talked about how everything is difficult at first but how the more you work at something, the easier it gets. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great to show this student, and others, just how much they can accomplish on their own?

My idea is for them all to set goals for themselves for the year. They can choose anything they want but it has to be specific,¬†measurable¬†(a SMART goal) and it has to be something difficult for them, but something they’re interested in doing. It could be learning to knit, play an instrument, research a topic that interests them, write a novel, the choice is theirs. Throughout the year we’ll have short little check-in sessions to find out how they’re doing and to give each other support. Then in June they’ll do a presentation in the style of their choice (video, power-point, teach a skill to the class etc.)

Now I’ve never done these or seen them done and I’m looking for some pointers. Has anyone ever done these before? What format did you use? Are there any amazing resources out there that I could check out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m very excited about this idea. I’ve even decided that I will do a learning project along with them!