Where should I put my desk?

I’m moving in to my new classroom in my new school this week. I’ve been in to the school twice this week so far. The first time I just took a look at what furniture I had, brought in a few things to put in my desk and mostly just sat there trying to figure out what I was going to put where. I’m pleased with my classroom. It’s, I think, a bit smaller than the room I had the last two years, but it’s more square rather than rectangle which I think makes it easier to move desks around. There are only two small windows, but they look out into a little garden in the courtyard. The lights are almost recessed into the ceiling because of the way the ceiling comes down to create awesome acoustics and I have an FM system too for sound.

Yesterday I went and bought some school supplies and brought them into my room with the help of my husband.

My goal for today is to put the big furniture where I want it.  I’m struggling with where to put my desk. Of the four corners in the room, one is taken up with a door, one has a sink, one has a window and a small chalk board attached to the wall and the other is empty. I would like to put my reading corner at the back corner with the chalk board and window. I think it would be a nice place for meeting as a class and having the chalk board there would help if I want to explain a concept by drawing or writing something out. That leaves the empty corner for my desk. No brainer, right? Except the empty corner is at the front of the room by the SMART board and white board and I have this aversion to having my desk at the front of the room because I don’t want anyone to think that I teach from my desk. My desk should be, and normally is, the least important think in the classroom while I’m teaching. I use it before and after school. Sometimes at lunch.

But I think that anyone who watches me teach would get right away that my desk isn’t up there because that’s where I teach from. I’m putting it there because that corner is empty and the other corner is better for a reading corner. Right? Plus, there are so many, way more important things to think about than where I put my desk. I’ll post pictures soon!


4 thoughts on “Where should I put my desk?

  1. Mme Samson says:

    I usually move my desk around throughout the year. I don’t think anyone will think less of you for having it up front and you know what it’s for. Do what nakes sense 🙂

  2. mmechiasson says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’m going to to. I find writing about things like this help me to process my thoughts and examine why I’m thinking what I’m thinking.

    • Mme Samson says:

      That’s one of the greatest things about blogging. I haven’t been blogging over the summer and I really want to get back into it but I’m having some writer’s block since starting my new job. I’m not quite sure what angle to take or how to transition.

      • mmechiasson says:

        Yeah, starting over can be difficult. Maybe if you change other things, like the layout of your blog or something, it’ll help you get over your block?

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