Launching into English


I’m exhausted. It’s been a long weekend and I have a very full week ahead of me but I’m pushing on through.

Today was our first day switching over to English. I didn’t sleep last night and after spending four hours at school on Saturday, six hours on Sunday and most of my waking moments thinking about how today was going to go, I have to say I was more than a little nervous. Most of my time was spent sorting out my library that I inherited from past teachers, plus the books I’ve amassed at home, none of which were sorted in any particular order before being stored.

Transforming this...

More mess

... and this...

... into this.

It was exhausting. But I was mostly pleased with how it looked. I still need to put labels on the books and book baskets. That’s going to be a huge job.

My students don’t deal well with change and I was changing quite a few things today and introducing a lot. It was like September but in February and I wasn’t sure how the day was going to go. Actually, with my class I never seem to know from moment to moment how it’s going to go.

It was, in the words of another teacher, a roller-coaster kind of day. The ups were very high and the lows were pretty low, but not as bad as in my nightmares.

Some of the highlights:

  • As expected, my students are so excited about our Social Studies projects. I have them working on small projects in Social Studies, either in groups or alone, studying Ancient Civilizations. I give them a topic on Monday and they work on it all week and then present on Friday.
  • A few students told me they “missed being in French” today.
  • My word wall looks beautiful.
  • They were so excited to get their hands on the books I painstakingly placed in our over-full library.

    Look at all these books just itching to be read!

  • We launched the Daily 5 and CAFE today and they did an amazing job. We had 10 minutes of absolute, blissful concentration as they delved into their books. I didn’t want to ask them to stop.
  • I got to read aloud from the book “Greetings from Nowhere” and showed them the book trailer. They’re already hooked and didn’t want me to stop. I didn’t want to stop either.
  • We managed, with some difficulty, to sit in our reading corner to launch the Daily 5. It’s a little small and they’re a little large – 26 growing bodies in a small space meant we had to spread out a bit, but we managed it.

Overall, I’d say today was a success. I was particularly pleased with how well Daily 5 and CAFE went. I’m looking forward to adding on some time and some more strategies tomorrow. We only did one strategy, Check for Understanding, today because they read for so long and they took a long while to get settled. I think we’ll need to do some practicing of getting to and from our gathering spot quicker.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep tonight and another good day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Launching into English

  1. So glad that things got sorted out and went well in the end! I know that you were very stressed, but it sounds like you pulled it off in the end. 😉 I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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