At school on a Saturday

I’m giving my arms a bit of a break from moving SO MANY BOXES OF HEAVY BOOKS from the next door room where they were stored over to my classroom.

So many boxes of unsorted books.

Normally I find it a little creepy to be at school on the weekend but it’s a nice sunny day out (perfect cross country skiing weather sigh) so it’s not so bad today. So much work to be done. I’m focusing on taking down my French library and trying to sort out my English library. Lots of stuff to be moved and changed. Everything’s a mess right now. But I’m proud of my new word wall and CAFE wall.

Colourful new CAFE and Word Wall

Also, I found the book that I’m going to use for my first read aloud starting Monday. It’s called “Greeting’s from Nowhere”. It was recommended by our district as a read aloud and I used it two years ago. My students really enjoyed it. I also found a book trailer for it here. So I’ll be showing that to my students to get them interested. Also I’d like to have them do their own book trailers for books that they read as well.

More updates and pictures of my classroom later.


One thought on “At school on a Saturday

  1. Such hard work. Hopefully it will be easier than it looks!

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