Le vendredi 1er octobre 2010

We had a good week this week. The students are tired and I hope they get lots of sleep. This morning we had a bit of excitement. Our power went out for a little over half an hour at the beginning of the day. We were in the dark until about 8:30 this morning. After that, the power came back on but our internet connection was down. It just wasn’t a good day for technology. The students wrote a message this morning for our blog but in the technical glitches it got lost.

We’re having safe school week and practiced our lock-down procedure this morning. Next week we have evacuation practices and a presentation to look forward to, followed by a five day weekend for students for Thanksgiving (Action de grâce). We’re also looking forward to connecting with a grade 5 immersion class in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia next week for a video conference. Hopefully technology will be kinder to us next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you to all our followers. We count our visits and comments and look at where people are visiting from every day. It is a wonderful motivator for the whole class.


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