Things are moving along. Another day of schedule changes but everything seems to be working now. Today we have a staff meeting in the morning and I will take the rest of the day getting everything organized and ready for Tuesday. I will most likely be in over the weekend as well. We’re meant to get a lot of rain this weekend from hurricane Earl which will hopefully break this heat wave.

I took a video this morning of my classroom set up just as a test video to see how it looks on the blog. I’m proud of how my classroom is coming together. It looks so much brighter and better than when I first came in. Enjoy.

I hope to be able to post videos as well as pictures of my students’ presentations. I’ve been learning a lot over the last few weeks about 21st Century learning and how our students differ from students of the past and how our teaching needs to change with them. I hope that by giving my students a place to post their work and get real world feedback, that will encourage them to strive for excellence.

One thought on “Video

  1. J'adore ta salle de classe!!! Nice job on the video! I am really looking forward to seeing the students post their work!

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